‘But you’re over-reacting’

Here’s the thing fellas. When a woman tells you she feels unable to turn to the authorities, there’s a reason. When a woman explains she has to take all kinds of precautions when she goes out, that’s because it’s the reality of her life. The things women have to do in order to do the things men take for granted are ridiculous and yet, nothing happens to fundamentally change them.

Case in point, the tweets I’ve been granted permission to share:

She’s referring to this. A woman by the name of Sarah Everard, who went missing in London a week ago. The case of Ms Everard sums up the gauntlet women must run simply to walk home. No, not every man is a threat (if you’re going to @ me with ‘not all men’ bullshit don’t bother), but potentially any man can be a threat, and in this case one of the men who should have been trustworthy might be responsible for doing something awful to her. This is the reality of life for women, even in a first-world country.

Fellas, we need to stop acting so shocked that is the reality. We need to challenge one another to create an environment where women can safely walk the streets at night and get on a bus without having to second-guess their every move.

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