Racism, Misogyny and Gun Violence (warning, this may be upsetting comtent)


Robert Aaron Long

Last night violence erupted on the streets of Atlanta at massage parlours in three different locations. A number of women of Asian descent are dead. The suspect, Robert Aaron Long (21) was arrested after a lengthy pursuit.

It’s important to note here that Long is the alleged perpetrator. More details will not doubt emerge in the coming hours and days.

Motives for this attack aren’t yet clear, though given the victims, it seems likely to have been motivated by one of two things (or perhaps both). There has been a surge in anti-Asian violence in the USA (no doubt stoked by Trump’s ‘China virus’ rhetoric), and it would not surprise me in the slightest if that inspired the killer. Equally, given most of the victims were women, might it be that the suspect sought out a massage, expected/demanded ‘extras’, and reacted badly when he was denied what he thought he was entitled to?

As a final point, the suspect had no prior history of criminal activity, and clearly had access to firearms. As ever, it is extremely unlikely any progress around gun control will be made, but it should be a part of the discussion here. Our resident MGTOW will no doubt cry that I am advocating for a complete gun ban (because he doesn’t understand the difference between ‘ban’ and ‘control’). He will almost certainly mangle the issues of race and misogyny at work here. Then again, perhaps there is hope that he might display some sense?

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