Confessions of a Dishonest MGTOW

Following on from this post, that highlighted both racism, misogyny and the problem with gun violence, I knew this site’s resident MGTOW liar would come running to, as usual, prove he completely misunderstood the points raised. Only a few hours had gone by before he delivered two comments (one of which was a garbled wall of text) and posted his comments to his own site. It appears he typed up his responses in fury, without thought to reason, logic, or the arguments I raised in my post (and in previous posts). His site is Confessions of a MGTOW dot WordPress dot com. He’s not getting a direct link as he doesn’t merit one.

Let’s attempt to break down his ignorant rant…

 1 What gun control measures are you demanding be put forth something as evil as hr127 ?

(this is a reference to a post on his site, a post where my comments that demonstrated his didn’t even understand his own post were removed, presumably out of fear)

Asher’s been given the facts, more than once. There are many different forms of gun control all over the world. The USA is unique in its problem of mass shootings. The US homicide is considerably higher than many other comparable countries put together. The approach of Asher? Do nothing and hope the problem magically goes away, or blame the problem on the wrong issue (before he launches into a rant about mental health, there are people with mental health problems in countries all over the world who don’t go on killing sprees).

2 Do have to love how you turn this as political before any motives are known .

Asher can’t see the obvious even after it smacks him in the face (what a shock). He needs to only open his eyes and look at the victimology. The suspect clearly targeted Asians. The vast majority of his victims were women. He had no prior history of mental illness so he was able to easily get a firearm. The facts are political.

3 Personally cops should have put that evil guy down not arrest him.

Here Asher shows he’d be part of the problem. The cops in the US are too trigger-happy as it is.

Your side keeps saying yall want unity but you do not you want 1000% bowing to your ideas of critical race theory feminist dogma and other nearly socialist things. Other peoples rights or thoughts be damn only the left should have power.

Yadda yadda. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve explained my positions to Asher. A child would have understood my points by now.

If he was mad at Asians / Chinese people for a year of forced lockdowns then he is a damn fool . He should have been mad at both China’s government for lying at the Start of the shit show and also be mad at the America government for draconian lockdown measures forcing many business’s to close forever, But since darth hates anyone having a small business who also is pissed at a year of lockdowns he will say oh well government should just print more money and give it to people.

I swear Asher gets off on lying. The suspect should be mad at the piss-poor way Asher’s hero Trump handled the virus (by not handling it until it became a crisis). Instead, the suspect, fuelled by Trump’s arrogant racist anti-Asian rhetoric, took to the streets to kill. As to Asher’s rant that I hate small businesses… that is hilarious, and I await some form of proof (that we all know Asher will never provide).

If he was inspired by some sort of sexual frustration pal there are far smarter and much safer ways to vent that kind of frustration. But darth will likely say oh but sex dolls or prostitutes’ are wrong men do not deserve to have sexual release .

Yet again Asher shows his ignorance and dishonesty. I have no problem with sex workers, as long as they have the choice to do what they do and are treated fairly and with respect. If a man wishes to avail himself of toys, that’s up to them. I don’t care if they do or don’t. None of that is actually relevant. If this case is motivated by sexual frustration then it is just the latest in a long line of sexual violence committed by men against women. Asher doesn’t care that this is what feminism seeks to tackle, for he is incapable of being objective or rational on the subject of feminism.

The guy more than likely was mentally ill or had a break that allowed him to rationalize his actions . I do not condone any mass shooting or terror attack . Only reason to use your gun on another person is to either protect your life your property / the life or property of others. Idiots like that man today make all gun owners look bad . We have had over 100 years of gun control laws in America , What good has any of them done? They all are simply infringements upon the Second Amendment. That says shall not be infringed but hey radical ideas like following the bill of rights are to much for gun control Nazi’s LIKE DARTH AND PRETTY MUCH ANYONE IN THE POLITICAL ESTABLISMENT His name nor image should be posted he deserve no fame at all .

Many people grapple with mental health problems and don’t go on killing sprees. Many countries practice gun control measures that make the US measures appear non-existent (and that’s face it, US gun control measures are virtually non-existent). Many of these countries give the same freedoms and rights to their people as the US. If you can only define freedom by the level of access to lethal weapons, your sense of freedom is fragile.

Asher issued one last comment:

Further more you should not glorify his name or image …. by posting either here. But because he was a “FUFCKING WHITE MALE” Gotta use it to bash all white men and all gun owners as the same as him… The cult of far left feminism demands it .

To which I say: Bwwwahahaahahahaha! Posting his image does not mean I’m bashing all white men, nor all gun owners, nor is it what feminism does. It would be amazing (but highly unlikely) if Asher could, for once, actually raise an argument or address an argument without being dishonest.

Update: Within hours (so once again responding in fury rather in reason or fact) Asher had drawn up another response. Let’s be entertained by the rabid dishonest MGTOW once more shall we?

My response 1 still no stated laws or further demand you would place on gun owners. I know you do not like the fact Americans can have the freedom to own and or use guns in any number of ways but lay out what laws would you impose that would solve any of the last few mass shootings. If a person is going to attack others they will find away to do it . Removing the ability/ putting massive road block on law abiding citizens obtaining firearms will only make it so law abiding people will just be target for both mad men or tyrannical leaders that currently run our Lovely Democrat / Socialist government.

Ah, the argument that without guns people will not be able to defend themselves. How is it then Asher, that in countries with robust forms of gun control (UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, who all use different forms of gun control) have much lower homicide rates? In 2019 firearms accounted for nearly three-quarters of all US murders. The murder rate was 5.0 per 100,000 people. Therefore the US murder rate was nearly 3.75 per 100,000 if we look at only firearms. The UK’s total homicide rate over a similar period? 1.1 per 100,000. More than three times as many people were murdered by firearms in the US than murdered in the UK by any means. Yet the USA has far more guns in circulation. By Asher’s logic, having guns be freely available makes a location safer, yet the USA suffers from a much higher murder rate. Gee, I wonder why…

As a side note, incidents of mass attacks with weapons other than guns are a lot rarer than mass shootings. Could it be that guns, a type of weapon designed to kill, make it a lot easier to kill a lot of people?

But wait, there’s more! Japan has some of the strictest gun laws and homicides, along with other serious crimes, are very rare. Naturally guns aren’t the only component behind this, but then again, Asher’s argument that a society can only be free and just if everyone is armed is completely rubbished by Japan’s existence. Asher’s ‘concerns’ over a dictatorship seem to rather overlook how the Republicans are trying to make it impossible to vote.

2 Neither you nor I know that monster motives for what he did. But you want to blame Orange Hitler aka Trump for that mans actions that is gross and wreaks of far left political bias. Trump Did not tell anyone to attack Asians . He called it the China virus because that is were it was created and released then The Government of China lied about for months. Trump issued travel bans once more was know . People like you called that racist. Trump as much as yall want to claim he was , was not a Dictator he could not issue all State a 12 month lockdown like we had on a state by state Bases . Fun fact CDC and WHO both say lockdowns are a last resort and should not be used.

We can quite easily infer what the suspect’s motives were. It doesn’t take a genius to look at who the victims are – predominantly Asian and predominantly women. In a sprawling urban environment the suspect targeted three locations – does that not look like he was looking for a specific type of target? And yes, I’ll blame Trump, because he doesn’t have to outright say ‘go attack XYZ’ for him to incite violence! He has engaged with neo-Nazis more than once, cast ridiculous theories around about the virus, been incredibly slow to act, and he has insisted on inflammatory rhetoric. Only an imbecile would ignore all that.

Regarding lockdowns, they obviously work. You need to only look at the numbers. Being slow to implement lockdowns cost lives. Trump was slow. What a shock.

3 yes I am such a issue wanting people who just shot at and killed other to be put down. Now we have to waste millions and million on this guy with trial and prison time because nobody shot that scum bag. Hell the Shop owners where he shot up should have put him down . When a dog is rabid you end it that guy was rabid.

For someone who’s big on the Constitution and whatnot, Asher suddenly changes his tune massively when it comes to the judicial process. I guess in Asher’s mind we just do away with it right? Assume the suspect is guilty? This is tremendously ironic, given how Asher whinges.


Bwwwwwwwwwwwwwhahahaha! That’s not a rebuttal Asher. That’s you getting obviously angry because you can’t actually form even a half-decent rebuttal to my arguments. Instead you lie, and repeat lies, and hope that somehow, magically, you’ll suddenly be right.

5 Asher doesn’t care that this is what feminism seeks to tackle, for he is incapable of being objective or rational on the subject of feminism. TACKLE IT HOW? Demonizing male sexuality demand male get genital mutilation aka become trans. Feminism only care about sexual assault if it happens to a woman by a man if that man can be made a example of. Hell Joe Biden aka Former vice President (Refuse to acknowledge him as anything more)Has a Sexual assaults claim made against him but the left burred that story because Trump evil must removed him by any means.

As ever Asher demonstrates he doesn’t understand feminism. Feminism does not demonise male sexuality. It does not demand castration or mutilation. It does not say ‘only care about sexual assault towards women’. The ironic thing about Asher’s President Biden statement is that if feminism is as rabid as he claims, Biden would have been destroyed by the mere allegation, yet Biden is President and Trump, who has numerous claims of sexual assault against him, served a full-term. Despite the hysterical narrative that feminism enables even the suggestion of a crime to destroy someone, clearly that isn’t the case.

I challenge Asher to prove his claims, properly, logically. Let’s see if he can be rational, if only for a moment.

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