‘Anti Freedom’

Not for the first time, the dishonest MGTOW Asher (and I hate to keep referencing his ‘material’, so this will be the last time for a while that I address it) has been setting up some truly ignorant arguments about guns. Because I don’t trust him not to alter his post, I’ve archived it. Now that’s done, let’s do something Asher hates – address facts. Before that, let’s take a look at what he considers to be a reasonable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment…

There’s a picture on his post of what he would like to see in public hands. We’re talking automatic weapons and even RPGs – because that couldn’t possibly create more chaos could it?! When a country is in a pandemic of gun violence, let’s add more guns…

The facts speak for themselves, but anti-control nuts just refuse to acknowledge it. Asher has made it repeatedly clear that his ‘Constitutional’ right to bear arms is more important than the right to life. I quote

Frankly there are no limit on the number of lives that I would trade to ensure our Constitutional rights remain intact .

You do not have the right to life nor does anybody . At any point for any reason that life can be extinguished.

How can you pursue the Constitutional right to liberty if you’re dead Asher?

Bottom line, anti-control nuts do not see the on-going tragic losses of life in mass shootings – including the deaths of children – as being as important as the right to have unregulated access to firearms. Not only is this heinous, but it’s actually unconstitutional – the 2nd Amendment calls for a well-regulated militia, not an unregulated one.

Now for some facts. What to know what some of the safest cities in the world are? Look here. The data is a little old but the point still stands. London is significantly safer than New York and Tokyo is second only to Lisbon.

The presence of guns does not make a situation safer – the US and UK rape rates are comparable, as are robbery rates. US states with slack gun laws rank among the most dangerous – Alaska is statistically the worst, especially when it comes to rape, and guess what? It has very weak gun control laws.

New Mexico also scores badly in the violence stakes, so does Tennessee, so does Arkansas, likewise for Nevada. Guess what these states have in common?

Asher is dead-set against more thorough background checks, and dead-set against even considering taking action on the type of firearms available, even when these measures are proven to work. This is because Asher lives in fear of imaginary tyrants – and thinks life is secondary to guns.

2 thoughts on “‘Anti Freedom’

    1. This is a joke right? Asher’s ‘solution’ to gun violence is to bleat that it would infringe upon his freedom, even though it wouldn’t, unless you’re thoroughly paranoid. We are free in the UK. The peoples of Germany and Japan have freedom. All three countries practice different types of gun control and all three methods work. Asher seems incapable of grasping basic facts. To want to save lives and to desire to help others makes me ‘far left’. Considering Asher’s disregard for life, I have no issue labelling him far right.


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