10 year-olds… (CW: Rape, child abuse)

… Face abuse, even after being raped. A ten year-old girl sought out an abortion clinic after being raped (who the fuck attacks a child?!), and she had to run a gauntlet of protesters! What is wrong with people?! This is the kind of attitude that the religious right pushes – zero acknowledgement of the victim of a harrowing crime, because they don’t regard them as important.

12 thoughts on “10 year-olds… (CW: Rape, child abuse)

    1. I know right?! I can virtually hear the usual crowd spouting their pro-life nonsense, when in reality it’s just ‘pro-birth’. That poor ten year-old’s life means absolutely nothing to pro-life crowd.

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  1. One of the only reasons abortion should be justified is in cases of rape or incest . Most other cases are just for convenience of the woman … But yeah keep abortion legal yet safe and rare . Both parties male and female should have equal opt out choices. Proven child sexual predators do not deserve to be treated as humans or even valued animals once convicted / proven to have done harmed a child. I would extend that to actual rapists both male and female hell even people who sexually abuse animals all of them deserve fates worse than death .


    1. You issued what could easily be interpreted as a death threat against me, and it was definitely a threat to do me harm. Fuck off back to your cesspit and I’ll make up my mind whether or not to pass on your death threat to the police.


      1. Not truly a credible threat as I do not know your real name nor location but sure be a fucking child . I have no actual wish to harm you nor know where you are. i WISH YOUR VIEWS were not so far left insane . We agree actual rapists and child predators are fucking scum . Report me pal waste your time . You do not know my location nor full legal name so waste your damn time


      2. Don’t be so stupid – you clearly issued a threat, and THAT is childish – you were, as usual, losing our debates, and indulging in your usual crude and obscene behaviour, and you made it clear you’d love to do me harm. Only idiots even threaten violence to resolve a debate. Children know better than you.


      3. Hypothetical threat . Not a credible one . Id not put my hand on you in person. You think as you like . I think you are dipshit who has 0 knowledge of guns nor why people own them. I am crude pal I see 0 need to be some snob asshole unlike you. You seem to think your views on guns should be law of the land. You are a Supercilious asshole . I hope you never actually have to deal with a real threat to your safety . Cause I will bet you will cry and fall to bits then be harmed


  2. You made it very clear that you’d happily do me harm. Don’t try to weasel out of it – though to be fair, you *are* a cowardly bully who runs away from a robust, fact-and-logic driven discussion by issuing threats of violence, so I shouldn’t be surprised you’d weasel away.


  3. Pal if you want a real robust test of combative skills I am game . Name place time and all that . Making you eat your words would be great entertainment . You used flawed interpretation of the Constitution to justify your wish to make guns next to impossible to own or carry for a private citizen . You think our Second Amendment give the gov the right to regulate guns … Nearly All gun laws currently enacted are unjust and should be repealed if not simply disobeyed by citizens. Cops who care about liberty should not enforce any unjust laws . Pretty much cops and the Government should leave people the fuck alone. Keep licking the boots of your far left masters . Pray for your globalist far left planetary government system where nobody is allowed to own anything aka the great reset plan that was brought to the attention of people during this plandemic .


    1. The fact that you’re so up for a physical confrontation is proof that you’re a coward. It’s not brave to threaten violence, it’s the mark of a bully who is losing the argument. You haven’t demonstrated the slightest clue that you understand my political positions, hence why you continue to invent arguments to attack. You are afraid to confront the points I’ve raised, so you fabricate your own and hide behind childish threats.


      1. You hold the Standard UK leftist ideas of collectivism what more need I understand . You more than likely cheer on whites being made into minorities in traditionally white nations . You cheer on bias in female favor laws on damn near anything you think always believe the woman no matter what. You likely cheer on BLM riots preventing justice/ burning cities for the last year. You support the medical tyranny that has been use this last year. Putting citizens under forms of house arrest over a virus that for most is 90% survivable but hey lets force everyone to stop working or enjoying anything outside their homes until gov says it okay to resume normal life ie they will never allow normal again Let me make myself clear as glass… I will not comply I will not take any forced vaccine I will not give up my property nor my freedom I will not kneel I will not stop fighting like hell for thing I believe in ie individual liberty and all the scary dangerous consequences of it. Big tech platforms should not have the right to censor ideas or people . But hey live in the pod eat the bugs own nothing if you wish . I know I rather die on my feet instead of on my knees groveling while trying make up for so called white privilege . Also combative skills are not always physical fighting verbal combat exists as well and pal you have the skills of a mentally challenged 5 year old on crack … You will buy anything your dogmatic leftist masters tell you if they say 3 year old should be allowed to cut off their genitals you say cool if they say voter id is racist you say yep,


      2. Congratulations. You have, as ever, completely misunderstood every single point I have ever made, in order to attack arguments I haven’t made. None of what you said just now is true, and if you think you’ve actually achieved anything in our ‘verbal’ sparring, you’re deluded beyond belief. You can try to walk back your obvious physical threats, because like a true coward you can’t even own them, but even a five year-old ‘on crack’ can see through your lies and deceit. Why are you so afraid of me Asher?


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