Gross Bigotry

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I had a recent Twitter ‘discussion’ (I can only use the term loosely) about a recent attack on an LGBT event in Tbilisi, Georgia. The European nation has a government that tried to blame the attack on the Pride event organisers, suggesting they provoked a confrontation. Yeah, that’s right, they provoked a confrontation by existing…

An awful lot of mental gymnastics needs to take place before we can arrive at the conclusion that the violent attack on the event was somehow the fault of the LGBT community. Clearly this is yet another demonstration of the far right’s unbridled bigotry for a community that wants nothing than the right to exist, without having to live in fear. The conservation on Twitter took a different turn, with what I can only presume are attempts to justify the violence…

Jay has an odd perspective. For starters he was very keen to get an answer as to whether or not I was Jewish (I’m not), but failed to properly address the relevance of the question. Secondly, he pressed an argument that the LGBT community is connected to paedophiles. This is an old argument brought forward by the far right, but does it actually have any basis?

No is the short answer. Check out here for the long answer. You can also see here. Should it work, you can see here as well.

The trouble is, bigots like Jay are often easily led and convinced by propaganda. It’s easier to submit to biased sources and a broken narrative than to listen to reason. Sadly, this is not a new argument, as I discovered…

To quote:

Homosexuality is a perversion. If it is normalised it will open the floodgates even worse forms of depravity being accepted.

People afflicted with homosexuality should helped, not endorsed.

Yet responding to this by pointing out bigotry is apparently grossly unfair…

This is why Pride Month exists. This is why campaigning for equality exists. There remain many parts of the world where being gay, bi, lesbian or trans will cost you your life. In many parts of the world being LGBT will cost you your job, your family, and freedom. Until there comes a time where everyone gets treated fairly and equally, Pride Month will remain.

6 thoughts on “Gross Bigotry

  1. I think I would have ignored and blocked someone like that. Then again, that does not help to educate someone ignorant. I have many gay friends and consider myself an ally. Reading this made me angry – I can’t even find the right English words to say how much. But, unfortunately, people like “Jay” exist. Plenty of them. We need Pride Month.

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