Rights and ‘doing what’s right’ are two entirely different things.

Getting vaccinated is the right thing to do, as Soul Me brilliantly explains here.

Soul Me

Controversial? Maybe. But, I will make no apologies for saying this.

“It’s my choice/my body” is not a good enough reason not to get vaccinated for COVID-19. If you’re eligible and medically able to get vaccinated, bloody well book yourself in.

Unless you have a damn good reason not to accept the vaccination that we are privileged here to receive (unlike so many others around the world), then you are just being selfish. Yes, selfish. Same goes for those who refuse to wear a mask, or adhere to lockdown restrictions. Sadly, it says so much about the type of human you are.

Just because you have the ‘right to choose’ to be unvaccinated, doesn’t mean you should…. What you should do, is do what is right. Not just for yourself, but for your fellow humans.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Every day, you have the…

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