Strange Hills

Twitter is filled with idiots and sickos choosing strange hills to die on lately. To begin, we have Dr Andrew Gatley.

There’s so much wrong here that I don’t even know where to start. Gatley’s absurd take takes women and turns them into sex toys to offer out to whiny men who aren’t prepared to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. This is the problem with incels, they have a huge sense of entitlement, and people like Gatley will enflame it with this idiotic rhetoric. If men feel unwanted, they could amend and change their behaviour and attitude instead of blaming women. Newsflash – wallowing in self-pity and lashing out is not attractive to anyone.

Feminism is not to blame for this either. Feminism is about empowering women, opposing misogyny and creating a better future of equality for women. If men are threatened by this then that’s because they need to overcome their privilege. There is no room in society for women to be given to men who won’t make any effort to find love. Women are not objects and not sex slaves.

Moving on, we have this…

It’s abhorrent, it’s obscene and it’s also deeply ironic. Fundamentalist Christians (and the more extreme followers of other religions) insist that homosexuality is unnatural and against God, yet here is one who argues in favour of paedophilia! Why is it that they are so against a consenting relationship between adults, yet they can argue in favour of brutal and cruel non-consenting ones?

Malala Yousufzai. The name should be familiar. This woman was shot in the head as a teenager for being outspoken about education for women in Pakistan. Apparently getting shot was merely Malala being an opportunist, in order to become successful.

Why anyone would believe Malala would choose to get shot in the head as a means to achieving fame is beyond me, but as I said, there are lots of people planting themselves on stupid hills lately.

8 thoughts on “Strange Hills

    1. I didn’t even share all of it. There was another conversation on Twitter with a racist POS, who was also a homophobe from what I can gather. I would do myself a favour by ignoring them but I can’t.

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      1. Yes, I’m the same … I tell myself not to even look, just ignore the fools, but it seems I can’t. In part, I suppose, because we both know these fools have a voice and can easily influence our society. Far too many people these days are willfully ignorant, not caring to search for facts, or listen to other viewpoints.

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      2. Great minds think alike! I used that quote just a few minutes ago responding to another comment! You’re right … that’s why we cannot step away, throw our hands up and walk off.

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