When Will They Ever Learn???

With freedom comes responsibility. No one should be free from the consequences of despicable actions and wilful ignorance. Wear a mask if you can and get vaccinated if you can. Oh, and bear this in mind – private businesses such as shops and restaurants have *always* had rules about who they allow into their properties. This has *nothing* to do with government directives. Businesses – the good ones – also understand they have a duty of care for the welfare of their employees and ALL their customers, not just the ignorant fools who buy into conspiracy-fuelled junk.

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I am appalled by the anti-mask, anti-vax bunch and the lengths they will go to in order to ensure that we never come out from under the Covid thumb! To ensure that their own children have an equal opportunity to die at a young age. For PETE’S SAKE PEOPLE!!! Wake the hell up!

There is yet another new variant of Covid just beginning to make the rounds and it is thought to be largely resistant to the vaccines we have today. It is called the Lambda variant, that started in Peru but is quickly popping up all over the globe. And so … how are people ensuring that we all keep safe? By breathing on us, by refusing to wear a mask or to allow their children to wear one. Damn fools!

On the first day back to school in California this week, a parent assaulted a teacher when he…

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5 thoughts on “When Will They Ever Learn???

    1. Exactly! There are dozens of rules in place for various reasons, most of which are around keeping people safe. Yet to the anti-vaxxer, covid-denier crowd, they should have the right to ignore the rules and put people in danger.

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