The southern US State of Texas isn’t exactly a beacon of freedoms and rights, and it’s about to get worse for women living there. A new anti-abortion law has passed that overlooks biology and the rights of women to determine their own lives. I can already imagine several of my ‘sparring partners’ gleefully rejoicing at what they mistakenly believe is a pro-life measure, when in reality this law has nothing to do with the sanctity of life.

Denying women their rights to determine their own lives shows this law is all about control, nothing more. It’s all about reducing women to the role of birthing machines, with no respect or regard for their lives. I have said before that to be pro-life means thinking of quality of life, yet the quality of a woman’s life is irrelevant to my usual sparring partners. That’s been made all too clear from their arguments and their general attitudes towards women. This law is a setback for women, and here’s the ultimate kicker: banning abortions won’t stop abortions, it will only make them more dangerous.

Another thought for the forced-birth crowd (since pro-life is not an accurate description). In countries where abortion is legal they are actually less frequent. Chew on why that is before you respond to this post.

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  1. Two shares, one I remembered later. I was maybe 7-10 years of age (decades ago), we had some relatives over, and somehow, the topic of abortion came up. I’m not sure how I knew what that was, but I noticed the tone of voices, so I asked them of course we would/could never support such a thing, and how could such a thing be? I discovered, to my dismay, they weren’t against such a thing, but they never explained their reasoning, and I think I was greatly troubled by it. **Okay, flash foward a few decades. A friend of mine, a teacher, told me of a situation in his third grade class. A student asked him about abortion, so he explained it in simplicity (Without all the details.). According to him, the child cried uncontrollably. He couldn’t believe such a thing could be. ***Here’s the thing, abortion is a very serious thing and it ends a precious, innocent life: the most innocent. Abortion ends any opportunity for that child to ever have a life. And though most of the media and politicians have no heart any longer, it’s heartwrenching to most people. Love life.


    1. Dolphin, firstly thank you for your comment,

      Life is indeed precious, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m pro-choice. Life is about more than being born and it’s more than conception. Under the new Texas law, a zygote that’s barely bigger than a grain of rice has more rights than the mother. An adult woman isn’t even *seen* by this law; her life is an irrelevance, and I find that to be tragic. Her right to life – to determine what she does with her life – is now deemed meaningless.

      I know what a lot of forced-birthers will say. ‘Don’t have sex’. All well and good, except sex is an expression of love and passion as much as it’s about procreation. Women are allowed to enjoy it as much as men, and yet whilst men can (and do), for women there are stigmas attached to the idea. ‘Don’t have sex and you don’t get pregnant’. That’s what contraception is for, but contraception can fail. What then? The woman, who has taken precautions because she is allowed to have a love life, but who isn’t ready to become a mother, should not then be forced down a route she doesn’t wish to travel. The man who impregnated her can easily skip his obligations; she is left with the consequences.

      Then there’s the harsher elements of this law. It makes no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. In an horrific scenario where a father/brother/uncle/cousin rapes a female relative, she is then punished further by being forced to have her abuser’s child. Is that showing respect for life?

      There are even more harrowing examples. I read the other day on Twitter of a nine (NINE) year-old girl who was raped by either her father or stepfather. She ended up pregnant and was forced to have the baby. In what way is the life of the nine year-old CHILD valued in this situation?

      Pro-life should be about more than a zygote; it should apply to everyone of all ages, yet clearly it doesn’t.


  2. I will say this, for I absolutely don’t believe what was said above as meaningful or serious, but simply excuse making for one’s viewpoints and way of life. I have to be blunt and direct, because I can see the load of excuses and rhetoric, so I must speak directly to lives far too many don’t consider first. Of course, I don’t know this for certain, but the words indicate thus. Once conception occurs, that “zygote”, which really is a baby in development (For I would consider terms like zygote are used as language to see babies as not life.), for all life develops, and that baby, from the moment of conception, will grow up to be a fully functional person. Not a giraffe. Not an eagle. Human all the way. When a mother realizes she’s pregnant, she doesn’t say she has a zygote. She says she has a baby. Regarding the terrible things that happen in life, I will always remember the baby is always innocent. I will always know the baby is alive and innocent. I will always know we have a life the baby hasn’t yet had the chance to experience, perhaps do wonderful things. So, we can punish what terrible things others have done, but protect the baby. If the mothers’ life is in danger, we can attempt to save both. As for the nine year old girl, I wish she never had to go through such difficulties, and I hope the other is thrown in jail for the rest of his life, but better, electrocuted, and we hope her baby has the chance for a better life. I’m not saying life is easy. I’m saying the baby is innocent. The baby is a human being. The baby deserves all of our protections. And as we want our lives, we should protect it in others, especially the most innocent. **I might leave this last, for its clearly for readers, and the post required response.


    1. Dolphin,

      You *should* take my comments seriously, for terms like zygote are scientifically correct and my viewpoints don’t require excusing. You keep referring to the baby as innocent, but what of the pregnant women who are not yet ready to become mothers, who have fallen pregnant for various reasons? What are they ‘guilty’ of that requires them to be forced to proceed with a pregnancy they didn’t want or ask for?

      You cannot punish a rape victim by forcing the victim to go ahead with a pregnancy they never wanted. In fact, right now, the victim would face harsher penalties for having an abortion in Texas (assuming she even could) than the rapist would! That isn’t justice, for the victim it’s a form of torture.

      Finally, consider this. Pregnancy and childbirth are the biggest killers of teenage girls. It’s a miracle the 9 year-old survived and her life is going to be a mess, because someone decided the zygote mattered more than she did. You speak of innocence a lot – it’s denied to the unwilling rape victims, especially the ones who are still children themselves.


  3. I was going to leave this, having said what I felt warranted. I will have to say this directly, going from the words written and what they allude to, given there are readers. The words are indicative of a person who doesn’t care, doesn’t love, and doesn’t have real sympathies for anyone. No conscience. The littlest, the most fragile, the most innocent, needing our protection, more the parents, to help a life become and have our opportunities to think, seek, and ponder, which many would deny. I would say, though there are difficulties and sufferings in the world, we protect babies, born and unborn. We’ll leave it here. Anything said against what I’ve shared shows a seriously unthoughtful person.


    1. No Dolphin. I *do* care, and your attempt to manipulate matters for the audience isn’t going to work. I value the lives of women, of children, of victims of rape, and I find these human beings are often and casually cast aside in pursuit of the forced-birth agenda. You say (yet you won’t address me directly) I have no sympathies for anyone. I am a father to an 11 year-old girl, and guess what? I will always do everything in my power to protect her and to ensure she has a good life. I don’t want to contemplate anything horrible happening to her, but if it did, I’d place my focus on *her*, not an embryo. You might find valuing the human being with hopes and dreams and fears strangely uncaring; I find it strange that you cannot offer sympathy, even to victims of horrible crimes.


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