Rules of Engagement

We’re a bunch of human beings, and as such as we’re flawed, minded to make mistakes and from time to time, we will annoy each other. However, we also recognise this trait in ourselves. In order to help prevent misunderstandings and to better uphold the values of the Coalition, we’ve come up with some rules for anyone posting comments here:

  1. Language is important. Words can have a range of impacts. Sometimes we’ll use a phrase or expression, and whilst we ourselves might mean it one way, someone else reading it might take it another way. This doesn’t mean you can’t post or comment with something that expresses disagreement – just please, be mindful of how your statement might be received.
  2. Ask for clarification. It’s very easy to react in haste to something. We all see ‘red flags’ sometimes that arouse our anger. It’s important to not react, but rather, to stop and consider what that person might mean, and to ask that person what they mean.
  3. Do not belittle each other – we all have our issues and problems to work through. Take a breath if you need to, before replying to something.
  4. If you come here to troll, be warned – we have zero problem with naming and shaming.
  5. Breaching our rules means your right to post here will be revoked, and this applies as much to the admins as anyone else. This won’t be the first step – unless  you manage to do something that clearly requires you to be banned right away.
  6. It goes without saying that promotion of any illegal activities won’t be tolerated.
  7. Harassment of anyone posting here is not acceptable. If you are being harassed, for whatever reason, let an admin know, and where you can, supply us with evidence, and we can take action.

Depending on how this site grows, more rules may be added. It goes without saying that common courtesy applies to – treat each other as you would like to be treated.