Robots – Allies of Men or Women?

No, the question is not a joke question. This is a question posed by a MGTOW on Reddit, found by the good people of We Hunted the Mammoth.


If MGTOWs sadly come to represent men, then I fear for my life if a sentient machine is choosing which gender to side with. Let’s quote this fella shall we? FalloutFan2 has this to say:

I think there will come a point where all men rebel against the system and form their own colony on Mars or Venus or whatever, where we’ll bring some female sex-bots for entertainment.

He then goes on to say:

Of course the women will just keep using their dildos because they are emotionless beings who care little for actual interaction, whether it be sentient robot or human.

Erm, hang on, women are emotionless beings, who seek little actual interaction, but meanwhile, men will ‘bring some female sex-bots for entertainment‘. I wonder if FalloutFan2 understands the inherent double-standard in his paragraphs. Somehow I doubt it.

Check out the link above if you want to see just how stupid FalloutFan2 gets!


5 thoughts on “Robots – Allies of Men or Women?

      1. Came here by searching for ‘mgtow’ on WordPress, I can assure you this is not satire. I’ve had plenty of run-ins with those MGTOW loonies and most of them tend to believe some variant of this sort of silliness. I just had a long argument with one who unironically believed that artificial wombs would liberate men from some evil feminist conspiracy; as amused as I was, I’m still mildly stunned by how kooky a lot of those guys get. Nice to see some other folks who feel the same way.

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      2. Thank you, and welcome! Yeah, MGTOWs are frightening in their ideas. They’re horribly ignorant and stupid. They’ve failed to understand women and instead of looking at their own behaviour, they blame women.

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