Contact Points Australia

Emergency Service
Suicide Line1300 651
Suicide Call Back Service1300 659
Victorian Poisons Information Centre13 11
Department of Health and Human Services (Child Protection)13 12
Mental Health/ Psychiatric Emergencies See Triage under Crisis Support for your area
Lifeline (24-hour crisis counselling)13 11
Mental Health Foundation of Australia – Mental Health Helpline1300 643
Alfred Health Carer Services (Carer Support and 24 Hour Respite)1800 052
The Blue Knot Foundation (Adult Survivors of Child Abuse)1300 657
Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic)(03) 9830
Beyond Blue1300 224
Bullying Zero Australia(03) 9094
Cancer Council Australia (Victoria)13 11
Cannabis Information and Helpline
Carer’s Victoria1800 242
(CASA) Victorian Centre Against Sexual Assault1800 806
Dad’s in Distress1300 853
Department of Health and Human Services(Victoria)1300 650
Drug and Alcohol Information in Other Languages1800 888 326 
Direct Line (24-hour drug and alcohol counselling)1800 888
Drought Information Line (support Information Counselling)13 61
Drug and Alcohol Clinical Advisory Services1800 812

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