China’s Ethnic Cleansing

Sadly, not everyone will care about this. The plight of Uyghur Muslims in China is one that does however have to be spoken about, because to ignore it is to endorse actions similar to what the Nazis engaged in against Jews during the Holocaust.

It’s true that I am no fan of organised religion, especially when it tries to impose unfair or meaningless rules upon people who aren’t interested in religion. This does not mean I am against people having faith, providing they don’t shove their beliefs in my face and try to have me follow them. What’s happening in China towards Muslims (and members of other faiths) is a massive lurch way too far in the opposite direction. The government should not dictate beliefs. Yes, if violence is occurring as a result of religious disputes then intervention is warranted, but the idea that it’s acceptable to reprogram people against their will for having different beliefs should have died a long time ago. China cannot be allowed to operate with impunity; actions like these have consequences, or at least they should.

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