Anti-Vax Lunacy

Jill, as ever, hits the nail succinctly on the head. Anti-vaxxers come from a position of ignorance, and all too often wilful ignorance, and that ignorance gets other people killed.

I am as stubborn as they come, but I am fully vaccinated.  Why, you ask?  Because I believe that while I have every right to take chances with my own life, I have absolutely NO RIGHT to put others in danger.  It’s called ‘having a social conscience.’  It’s called ‘caring about others.’  It’s called ‘doing […]

Anti-Vax Lunacy

9 thoughts on “Anti-Vax Lunacy

  1. ‘Nurses and doctors are not routinely taught about the law or routinely taught about Nuremberg and what happened there. It appears the whole informed consent thing is being pretty roundly ignored.’ And we are the ones coming from a position of ignorance? Take a look in the mirror.


      1. 1. The vaccines do not work. They neither prevent infection nor transmission to others. That’s it.

        You are NOT protecting anyone else, or yourself for that matter, by being vaxxed, other than bolstering your own sense of woke superiority. Which is totally misplaced.


      2. Wow Mick. It’s taken you… ooh, five months? Five months to reply with a position, and alas, it’s a flawed one.

        The vaccines *do* work. They have saved lives, and they have helped contain the spread of the virus. It is spreading again because swathes of people all over the world either haven’t had the chance to get vaccinated – or in their self-imposed ignorance, they’ve bought into various conspiracy notions and propaganda.

        The key is to vaccinate enough people – as it was with the smallpox vaccine and other vaccines.


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