Vaccine Mandates

The MGTOW who likes to confess has vented his spleen about the covid vaccine on several occasions, and on Facebook put up an absolute doozy.

Yall motherfuckers who have been pro vax since the get go when I said froced vax shit was coming yall said nah they cant do that, When yall were pro state lockdowns and I said we are on a bad path you said no its a good idea 15 days slow the spread. When masks became mandated I said this was a foolish idea I was told by you people no it just common sense . Now I will give you a spoiler warning you think this will stop at 2 shots or at places with 100 employees , No next will be 2 shot 2 boosters a year then daily pills. Next comes to have a bank account or enter a store and buy things one must have all the vax , boosters and daily meds . Biden admit just showed how vile they are mandating what one must put in their body to be allowed to be in society

Here’s the thing. No one is being forced to get the vaccine! No one is bring marched at gunpoint to a vaccination centre. You have the freedom to not get vaccinated. However, you do not have the freedom to avoid the consequences of your choice. I’m going to direct people to this post from Mr Gus Iwasiuk

Mr Iwasiuk raises an excellent point. ‘There are no Constitutional rights given to us to allow you to harm others’. No one has the right to pass on diseases! As Mr Iwasiuk points out, businesses do not want people transmitting the virus in their establishments. Allowing that to happen puts the lives of employees and customers at risk, and aside from the obvious human cost, that would also be extremely bad for business. Private businesses are free to set whatever rules they want for admitting people onto their property. By all means disagree with that, and you are free not to do business with those companies, but you cannot whine when they exercise their rights! No one is forcing you to have the vaccine, but you cannot force companies to let your disease-ridden body into their premises either!

Bottom line? Actions have consequences. There is nothing that says you get a free pass to avoid those consequences.

I’ll show you some facts, as presented by Mr Iwasiuk.

The Covid vaccine risk of death is .002% that is 1 in 50,000 deaths. Sitting at home not driving, not eating, not having surgery, or anything else has a significant risk of death from all the illnesses due to inactivity. 

Covid has a significant 1 in 50 death risk if you are perfectly healthy. Any co-morbidity issues such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, smoking, over age 60, etc., ups the death risk depending on the co-morbidity. Given that over half our population is obese, most of us have a higher risk of dying with Covid. There is no absolutely safe activity, and even no activity has significant risks. Co-morbidities add up quickly to 1 in 10 death risks in many of our population should they contract the virus.

Look at the difference. A 1 in 50,000 chance of dying from the vaccine, or a 1 in 50 chance of dying from the virus, and that’s assuming perfect health! There’s an increase of 99900% of dying from the virus, as compared to the vaccine! Only an idiot who’s drunk the Kool Aid (bathed in the stuff too) would believe the cure to be more dangerous at this point.

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