MEN Against Feminism

So as ever I’m doing my usual trick of poking around the web’s darker corners and seeing what comes scurrying out of these holes. Today, it’s a site called ‘MEN against Feminism’. See if you can guess what their agenda is.

Feminists and other leftists are useful idiots who serve only to destabilize the society. When the goal is reached, they will be “lined up against the wall”. Feminism is nothing but a political movement ,a part of leftism that is aimed to achieve STATE’s dictatorship by destroying a stable social pattern and family system.The self-imposed over hyped self victimization , seeking undue privileges ,abusing due legal process, mental instability, unjustified hatred and anger towards men, reciting thousands of years of “oppression “, looting public money–are common traits for a feminist.

It seems that being anti-feminist (namely, anti-equality) goes hand in hand with certain corners of the political right. These reactionary right-wingers are trying to paint a scary picture to justify their stance, but that’s all it is – a picture, and one doesn’t actually bear resemblance to reality.

Feminism is not, and has never been, about hating men or destroying men. This is a gross distortion of the most extreme examples of feminism (which in my view, barely qualify for the term).

Unsurprisingly, this site conflates feminism with ‘leftism’ throughout.

Interestingly, this site also highlights the situation in India, a country that is currently gripped by turmoil over domestic violence issues and the rights of women. As a country, India has a serious problem with violence toward women, and yet, here we have someone who feels that feminism is a danger to society – sure it’s the acts of violence that are a danger? There has been more than one study into this – yet it’s dismissed by certain quarters.

Let’s take a deeper look at one of this site’s posts:

From ancient time society is going through a self evolving process. After a long time it is finally settled. Suddenly the tides of “ULTRA-LIBERALISM” with “THIRD WAVE FEMINISM” came and both of them are repeatedly trying to destroy the stability via politically endorsed business oriented chaos.

All their moves and orientation are mainly targeted to destroy the very base of a ” NATION ” –family. They are cheating chaos in between “MASCULINITY” and “FEMININITY”. When two force clashes with each other a NATION always falls apart. That’s why you can see all the SEPARATISTS follow feminism .
By imposing traditional mentality on JUDICIARY and bias of thoughts in all aspects of life these INTELLECTUALS are creating a large number of irritated ,angry MEN ,who are getting frustrated with the whole nation.
A movement (FEMINISM) started to provide equal rights ,as a part of political COMMUNISM is now a hate cult with terrorist type people with inherent attitude to seek POWER & MONEY.
India was known for it’s MORAL,FAMILY VALUES, JOINT FAMILIES,HAPPY COUPLES and PEACE.. You can see what India is going through now. PEACE is a term of joke now. Family values has been destroyed by biased ignorant laws. Government promotes FATHERLESS society , promotes breaking of FAMILIES , provides incentive for FALSE ACCUSERS. Here JUSTICE is now a child’s toy –one who holds money,justice licks his/her feet.
This is a country where HONORABLEs think expecting wife to earn is against HINDU PHILOSOPHY . Everyone is busy to blame a single GENDER, everyone discusses what should be a MAN’s responsibility, but no one bat’s an eye on the other side of the coin. This country teaches us every crime has a specific GENDER,being a MAN you are pre-assumed as a CRIMINAL, so your identity can be easily published,you can be ripped apart in PRESSTITUTES’ talk shows.
Do you know what happens when too much LIBERALISM hit minds of people?————Nation fall down before a TYRANT force. Europe is falling,USA is falling.. India ,soon to join the league. When families break , society breaks, thus the nation.

Emphasis mine. I’m not going to sit here and judge all of India. I’ve never been there, and I know only a few people who are. What I will say is that family values surely does not involve the widespread violence that my earlier links explain. Feminism isn’t about tearing down families – it’s about allowing freedom of choice and equality of opportunity, and about allowing everyone to be safe from violence and fear. Does the author know that he is quietly opposing this idea, under the guise of attacking a supposedly communist philosophy?


8 thoughts on “MEN Against Feminism

    1. Firstly, I am a man. Second, evidence? Third, if feminism is responsible for a 50% divorce rate, what’s responsible for the other half, and finally, if feminism is responsible for such a divorce rate, what is responsible for the endemic violence against women in India?

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  1. @Darthtimon

    Poking entitled insecure males and the fantastical bullshite they produce can be fun. I do so semi regularly at my blog.

    “What I will say is that family values surely does not involve the widespread violence that my earlier links explain.”

    Patriarchal societies, like India, the violence toward women and children is inherent – as women and children are considered property first, human second. The violence against women is endemic, pervasive and more to the point, the acceptable standard.

    This situation benefits men, and thus ‘stability’ and ‘order’ are misnomers as you correctly point out and the notion that they are ‘good’ for society in this specific context is a rather large crock of poo. (Good on you for that).

    Sadly, shining light on the manosphere leads to the conclusion that it is a dark deep well of stupid, eternally replenished by the tears of dudes who blame their crappy lives on women and their movement to liberate themselves from the system that oppresses them.

    Good luck with your further adventures, I look forward to reading them. 🙂

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      1. @darthtimon

        Just what you and your teaspoon can do to push back the ocean of misogyny we have to live in. It’s all individuals can do, and every little bit helps.

        Thank you for doing what you do. :>

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