Sexism in Thailand

A bit of shameless link-pointing here:


3 thoughts on “Sexism in Thailand

    1. What the poster is more or less saying is that men should be free to continue to regard women as objects and that movements to change that attitude are offensive. I could write a great deal more, but I don’t want to spend any significant length of time looking at his site.

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      1. Oh, I definitely understood what the author was trying to say. He was trying to say “I’m used to being the superior gender, I’m used to being able to do whatever I want, I don’t want women to have equality because then they might not choose to sleep/partner with a loser like me.” In most of the quotes, he was saying that he felt anger towards women who acted outside traditional gender norms. They were even worse (considering the names he called them) if they dared to act in ways he claims are “innately” male.

        Frankly, I wouldn’t even want to give his page the recognition of a “click.” But, I’m not as open to differing opinions (that make my gender less worthy & inferior, open to horrible treatment because that’s “just how men are”).

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