9 thoughts on “Being Religious Won’t Cost You Your Job…

    1. Ironic that so many organised religions don’t allow for same-sex relationships to exist, and greet them with various forms of persecution, only for you to complain that bigotry is not protected.


    2. To reply to Stewjo004 (I can’t reply directly because Paul, who complains of censorship, also employs censorship), let’s address the comment you wouldn’t for some reason bring to me directly…

      But my faith doesn’t agree with homosexuality so yeah being religious could cost you your job.

      Being LGBT has historically led to people being ostracised, shamed, shunned, homeless, jobless and even killed. All at the hands of the ‘just and moral’ religious right. This continues to happen, be it via the ultra-conservative Christian extremists dotted all over the world, or via extreme policies in Muslim parts of the worlds. Nor is this problem limited to Christianity and Islam. Your ‘complaint’ is that the religious right cannot use faith as an excuse to persecute the LGBT community without consequence.


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