‘Female Privilege’

My friends, it’s time once again to examine some myths and legends – specifically some tired and old arguments about how men and women are seen by society.

Female Violence is Excused and Treated as Acceptable

Um, does anyone want to weigh in with evidence here?

Oh alright, I will. This is a report from the UK, published in 2018 and relating to 2017’s information. Looking at the Convictions section, it would seem that men and women are treated quite similar. In fact, overall, adult females were more likely to be convicted than adult males. Naturally this doesn’t cover the entirety of the world, but the first results to the Google search of conviction rates by gender came up with it.

Rape: Ok if a Woman Does It

Would anyone like to put their hands up and say they find rape ok in any circumstances? I’m not aware of one single person who finds any form of sexual assault to be ok. That being said, we should ask why this perception exists.

It exists because society (not feminism or women) has long held up certain traditional sexual stereotypes. Society shames men for being victims (I’ve written about this before). If there’s a perception that it’s ok for women to sexually assault men, it exists because of deep-rooted misogyny, not misandry.

Female Lying is Acceptable. Due Process is Denied to Men

If this is even remotely true, why are so many rape cases falling through the cracks? How can so many cases go either unreported or uninvestigated?

Oh, and let’s look at how the rules of the process include blaming the victim and how the culture of victim-shaming stops many cases ever reaching the courtroom.

Men are Disbelieved. Women are Believed

Anyone who has ever studied the way the legal system handles sexual assault cases will know that even if the woman is believed, a great many arguments will be presented to suggest she either exaggerated the situation or provoked it (see the victim-shaming link above).

For a prime example of this, see the Brock Turner case.

Ultimately the proof is in the conviction rates (and in the high volume of cases never reported). Women don’t expect to be believed, and even if they are believed, ‘mitigating circumstances’ allow their attackers to get light sentences and resume normal lives (something deprived to the victim).

Lenient Treatment of Female Criminality


Women Receive Social, Institutional & Political Support

In comparison to what? And if they do, has the article’s author stopped to consider why?

Men are Disposable

Baseless statement. See some earlier thoughts on this very subject.

Female Promiscuity Good; Male Promiscuity Bad

Throughout history men have been applauded for being ‘players’ and praised for the number of ‘conquests’. Women are called whores and sluts for behaving in the same way.

Education System: Biased Against Boys


Men Vast Majority of Crime & Homicide Victims

Men commit a significant majority of violent crimes, including murder, and the ratios of male on male crime and male on female crime are higher than female on male and female on female crime.

Anti-Male Victimization by Police


Misandrist Workplace Discrimination


I don’t think I’ll find an easier-to-refute bunch of arguments in one place today.

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