‘Sexual Market Value’

Say it with me… No one is defined by such artificial and gross ideas as a sexual market value… And if you truly believe that 15 year-old girls are to be evaluated in such a fashion, kindly call the cops on yourself and remove yourself from society.

29 thoughts on “‘Sexual Market Value’

  1. Bet you hoped I died in this pandemic Since I refuse to bow to women and feminism as my masters
    Well I would not put the age of 15 year old girls in that class of value but facts and biology do not lie if one is to want to marry and have kids the age and health of your partner does matter same with attractiveness women after 30 having kids are more likely to have offspring that have health and mental issues . The wall is a real thing Women at age 25 to 30 start losing their looks and become less valuable on the sexual marketplace . If you say that’s sexist fine then so Standards that Stay men have higher sexual market place value after 35 when his earning potential is higher . If you only think it’s sexist to view women this way well you are a hypocrite


    1. The passive aggression on display in your very first sentence is the level I have come to expect from you. When have I ever been the sort of character to suggest I’d wish someone dead or hoped they died? I have to seriously ask if you are projecting your feelings onto me – I wonder how far away that would be from the truth?

      Also note both the wording of the tweet I picked apart and my own. I am against judging anyone, man or woman, on this ridiculous SMV idea. My language made that abundantly clear. However, sexism tends to travel more in one direction than the other. After all our ‘discussions’, I would have thought that was obvious to you by now, but if you choose ignorance, I cannot help you.

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      1. Well you seem to think all must adopt the cult like thinking of feminism or they are evil / sexist so I figured you would be glad if the China virus killed me. Ignoring the very sexist things that are normalized in feminism ie laughing at male pain disregarding fathers rights the whole believe a woman no matter what crap yall spouted during the height of #MeToo the vile movement to target men with money and power years or decades after a alleged assault. happened refusing to take it to police but take it to social media where the mans name is trashed by the cultists . I do not wish you dead just wish you saw things outside your feminist all men are sexist dogma.

        SMV has some value. Now that does not negate the value of the person but places their desirability at lower level for the average person . Just like women do not like fat lazy do nothing guys . Men tend to not wanna marry or have kids with women who are past a certain age . Call it sexist all you want will not change reality of the situation. Men like younger fertile women and wish to procreate with them so SMV comes into play .

        Women tend to seek men who are far better off than herself as to ensure the child can be provided for. So Mens SMV is not only tied to his looks but also his income but surely its only wrong when done to women. Gotta love feminist double standards without them yall would have none at all.


      2. Your first paragraph is a mangling of feminism, of me (you have seriously misjudged me if you would ever believe I would take happiness from your death, but I am not surprised you misjudged me so thoroughly) and filled with irony. I wish you would see things beyond your MGTOW indoctrination. You have allowed a lot of hate and anger to fester, and you have directed it in the wrong direction. We have discussed all of this before, and I have rebuked your arguments on more than one occasion. Come up with some new arguments, instead of your oft-refuted, misdirected ones.


      3. Come up with some non feminist non far leftist ideas . Stop attacking men and masculinity as evil and or toxic. Maybe call out the craziness of some far left Communist types or the Toxic aspect of feminism. Hell even call out the vile shit China is Doing to Muslims. … But no you and your lik only want to Attack America and the West over the bad things we heve done in the past . I see you as not much more than a feminist useful idiot. You would never do anything to help a fellow man who is struggling . You would likely just blame his toxic masculinity or male privilege. I help other who have less than myself . You likely will only help women. I often look outside my MGTOW perspective . But when it come to gender issues yeah my anger and MGTOW ideas take hold.


      4. My ideas are only ‘far left’ in your view. I realise that many conservative rightwingers seriously struggle with the idea that anything outside of their hetro white male bubble is worth treating fairly, and that many conservatives struggle deeply with the idea that hoarding wealth is wrong, and so on, I realise challenging stereotypes is strange to you, but I’m not going to change how I run this site for you. No one compels you to read or comment.

        BTW, for the record, I have commented on China’s treatment of Muslims, more than once. For the record, I don’t ‘attack’ America and the West. I may criticise elements that I feel are painfully flawed, but when I do, I’m turning to things like facts and evidence, stuff that conservatives ignore, whilst ironically moaning about how lefties are snowflakes, emotional etc…

        Nor do I attack men and masculinity. How many times have we had this conversation, and you come right back with the same tired statements, demonstrating you haven’t listened to one iota of what I’ve said. Stop being dishonest or go rant on your echo chamber.


      5. Ahh more bs . that many conservatives struggle deeply with the idea that hoarding wealth is wrong, …. So you tell me how much of my earned wealth are others entitled too? 40% 51% 99% because they are to lazy to earn for themselves. If I put in the hard work to earn that money I should be allowed to keep it and disperis it to other providing goods and services to me or mine. Challenging Stereotypes really bucko . I challenge them too . I challenge the ones that say men and women are fully equal and thus interchangeable in all things . I challenge the one that state all men are evil rapists like some feminists claim . I challenge the one that say all whites or men have this magical privilege that just grants them everything. I challenge the ones that say all pagans must be far left progressives . I am a center right Libertarian as well as a pagan


      6. Tell me, are you aware of how much money the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos earn per hour? How much work do you think they put into their roles? I’ll give you a clue – in 2018 Bezos was earning 157 times the average Amazon yearly wage… in one hour. That’s $4,475,000 per hour. He is but one example of many super-rich individuals that could easily afford a pay cut and live extremely comfortable lives, whilst helping many others escape poverty. Instead of tackling this gross inequality in society, conservatives (and for that matter, many liberals) ignore this reality, and conservatives in particular complain bitterly at any move to actually help people. Yet without a trace of irony, conservatives and the religious right quote the Bible and Jesus on various topics… and fall extremely quiet on stuff like this.

        Do you challenge stereotypes? In past conversations you have made it plain that you don’t. You invent them, to attack them, like with your repeatedly attacks on feminism and feminists. I have not forgotten that you virtually stalked feminists on Twitter who had not uttered a word to you, coming at them with extreme vitriolic statements, all because you can’t separate your perception of feminism from reality.


      7. I see feminists for the vile creatures they are not the flowery narrative they want to claim. They advocate killing of the unborn for any and no reason at all up until hours before birth. They advocate aborting male babies because they do not want to raise a male. Other feminists advocate forcing male children to live as girls and or forcing gender neutral crap. Some feminist advocate forced castration of males”Clemintine Ford” They cheer on male pain and suffering” Jessica Valenti” They say all hetro sex is rape” Dorkin” So do tell me all feminists are great people advocating equality. I wish all feminists did was advocate equal rights for all. I would have less issues with them if that is all they did. But reality is not ideal . So because Zuckerberg and Besos created companies that are massively successful all their money or even more than half of it should be stolen via Communist type redistribution of wealth …. Now I do not like either of them because of their political views but I do not think their wealth should be taken from them . If they want to give their money to charities by choice good on them hell even if I am not in favor of the charities or movements they some times support ie BLM and alike. You are not entitled to my money unless you are providing a thing of equal value . Something Communist types like you will never understand . My money is mine to spend and use not for your ilk to steal


      8. You take a highly distorted view of feminism, and assume this is the narrative that applies to all feminists, and use that to justify your vile behaviour… why am I not surprised?

        And you seem to have no issue with rampant and rising poverty, even within your own country. Millions of Americans work hard but are crippled by extortionate medical bills, whilst people earn as much money in an hour as hundreds of their staff combined would earn in a year. Don’t complain at any point ever if you are ever out of pocket – you support a system founded on unrelenting greed, one that is milking you for all you are worth. I pity you for that.


      9. Rather be a Capitalist than a far left Authoritarian Communist . Reality is if you do not work you do not eat nobody is entitled to what others have . In a capitalist system people willing to work and takes the risks can bring themselves out of poverty . In a commie system you want we all are equally poor while the masters ie Communist leaders live like kings. So again what portion of my wealth do you feel I owe to others who refuse to do the hard work? To you I am a land barren because I own property in 3 states now soon a fourth. Moved to Texas still have property in Mississippi and Michigan . Looking at some hunting ground in Montana … Sure you find that evil and Barbaric How dare any man hunt or eat meat … All must eat the SOY to increase estrogen in males.


      10. Not the point Asher. Conservatives preach the word of God, they speak of how they’re going to look after the little guy… And then they do absolutely fuck all. Neither one of us will ever have a chance at even remotely approaching the sort of opulent, hoarding wealth of the people at the top, no matter how hard we work. Millions of people are struggling to make ends meet in a daily rat race. Where is your compassion for them?


      11. Pal I am not a Conservative nor Christian so you can stop trying that against me … Also not all Conservatives are Christian either fyi. But I do know some very charitable Christian Conservatives . Show me a Real Charitable far leftist … Not many exist they want forced charity via extreme taxes. Also Conservatives Preach self reliance and lower taxes / less regulations . Optional charity is noble forced charity via taxes is immoral . Conservative types donate to charity far more than Communism far left types like you. Oh wait unless it’s a BLM or Feminist charity it does not count does it. … Donate some time at a homeless shelter hell buy some clothing and donate it . Donate some Food to Food banks or Donate time money and food to animal shelters . I can say I have done all of that in 2020 … Can you?


      12. You may not call yourself a conservative but many of your arguments are straight out of their playbook.

        Conservatives preach self-reliance you say? Show me a single conservative who lives just above the poverty who does that… the ones who can afford to be self-reliant, because they own businesses, or inherited land, will obviously say that. Meanwhile, millions of others desperately struggle to survive. You mentioned donations… here’s a thought for you, why do you think food banks are necessary in first-world countries? Should they be? Is that a mark of the ‘success’ of the capitalist structure we have in place, or a sign of its complete and utter failure? You call me far-left, because I want a fairer society, which speaks volumes. I want a society where no one has to rely on foodbanks and charities. How about stopping to create the conditions where these things aren’t even necessary? Has that ever even occurred to you?

        You also demonstrate you can only think in extremes. One does not have to adopt full-blown communism to achieve the aim of a fairer society. Sweden, Norway and Finland are a trio of nations that by your crazy metric are communist, and yet the peoples of these nations enjoy on average, a higher standard of living, better healthcare, and better civic systems. Gosh, it seems that not blindly following the money actually works better!


      13. The places you mention are far different on a society level ad population than America or the UK that you want forced into a Communist system, Food banks and charities exist because mostly corporate greed in a monopolistic systems of Corpertism not full capitalism . In a real capitalist system all would have the opportunity to compete and start a business without endless regulations that your ilk loves in Big government systems. Capitalism has not failed people have failed they got to used to big daddy government taking care of them so Democrats and even Reps have used the promise of giving them more money and or welfare to get them to vote for their picked candidate . Poor people are still poor for a number of reasons 1 lack of education 2 lack of drive to work hard 3 over reliance on others. Private charities are far better than government forced charity via taxes you think a Communist system is preferable because you lack the drive to do the hard work or sacrifice . You want big daddy government to fund your life. I am sure you want forced UBI just for existing so you can be lazy and not work . Also fairer by what metric ? What part of another person income do you feel entitled too ? Do you not see how evil it to steal from others to fund yours and others lives . I worked hard for what I have I should have it all taken so some other person can live better than I did growing fuck that fully . If I chose to donate that is one thing forcing me to fund the lives of others is another Taxes are flat out theft and or fines for having more money
        Be in a higher income bracket and see how much of your money is taken to fund things you do not agree with . I do not want my taxes to go to fund wars or World police shit I do not want my taxes to go into funding the lives of lazy whores who just spread her legs got knocked up and now wants money from the government or lazy drug addict / former felons who will not work nor do I want my tax dollars going to fund corrupt politicians .


      14. I would strongly urge you to see what unchecked capitalism looks like. It’s exactly what we have now. You would not have the same opportunity to compete with someone who has inherited millions of dollars to pump into a new business. You would have no guarantee of success even if you did. Inevitably human greed would see to it that there would still be those who cream off the top end, those who exploit the system for personal gain, and those who screw over their rivals and competitors. Much like we see now.

        Your suggestion is that the USA and UK cannot hope to be like Sweden, Norway etc – why not? Because we’re (as nations) too wedded to a system that holds people back and elevates the filthy rich? Nor (as I have already explained) is this a case of ‘choose between fully-fledged communism and the extremes of capitalism. Sweden isn’t communist and I am not advocating for communism, despite your spurious deceitful claims to the contrary.

        What is wrong with being compassionate Asher? What is wrong with sharing the wealth? I am not asking for the multi-billionaires to fund lavish lifestyles for others and take nothing for themselves. People like Bezos, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates etc could comfortably afford to pay their workers a wage that enables their workers to have a better life – you know, being able to put aside money for a pension, not be crippled by obscenely high medical bills, and so on – and the key word here is workers. I am not advocating for sponging off the state – just pay people better for the work they do. That would go a considerable way towards helping people get away from the breadline.


      1. Women place the value of men based on his income and looks all the time Hypergamy is hard wired into women . Most of them refuse to reject it.A man only has value if he is earning lots of money or Serving the system ie fighting and dying in wars , or serving women basically being her slave only serving her needs and wants . While she gives him nothing


      2. Don’t talk bollocks Asher. Women are expected (in some places forced) to be dutiful wives and mothers, denied equal opportunities to work and then, when they get the right to work, denied equal pay. Women are more likely to be victims of sexual crimes than men, and men are more likely to perpetrate sexual crimes against women. All of these are known facts which you ignore. Carry on ignoring them and your comments will once again be left unposted. It’s that or you start backing up your arguments with actual facts.


      3. Equal pay really we going to go there. Wage gap has been debunked numerus times by many far more versed in that topic than I am. Earnings gap is real Men tend to work more hours and take higher paying jobs. I am fine with equal pay for equal work . Show me a woman who can work construction/demolition or hell work on a farm for 10hrs even after pulling a full day at work . Show me that woman and I will call her my equal. So to you a wife being faithful is sexist her cooking her man a meal after he works 12hrs and she sits home is wrong? Dutiful wives should be cherished and treated very well. I do not advocate fully for forcing anyone into any role . Went you take prision into account men are on par or worse off in terms of sexual assault. Men are also more likely to face violent crime. But women fear it more . Real Sexual assault is horrific and those who can be prove to commit that crime should be tortured to death in my opinion. Yes that means female teachers who abuse male students as well. It means actual male rapists . I take a harder stance on rape and sexual assault than you do. I also have a higher standard of evidence than just the woman’s claim . Most feminist think just the Accusation of the crime of sexual assault should get that man striped of all human rights and right to due process / a jury trial of his peers . He should be lynched because the court of public opinion says he did it with next to no evidence.


      4. The idea that the equal pay argument has been debunked is in itself a myth. The idea that a woman does nothing at home all day whilst the man is at work is a myth. On numerous occasions women both work AND do the housework, juggling both situations whilst getting paid less for their efforts. And men are not worse off in terms of sexual crime. Men are more likely to be victims of violence but then again, they are more likely to be the perpetrators! Male on male violence is higher than female on male violence and higher than female on female violence. This is not new information Asher.

        Nor do feminists believe that a victim’s word should be the only form of evidence. Feminists merely ask that the victim’s words are not automatically dismissed.


      5. Victims words should be heard but also looked into to either prove right or wrong and if she or he is lying I say charge them with a crime of filing false report . On social media I rarely will buy any woman’s claimed rape story … Because women/ feminism have weaponized claims against innocent men. Women often do very little at home while man is at work unless they have young kids at home. I am sure you think stay at home moms should be paid equal to or more than her husband . Stay at home moms do get paid she has a home clothing food typically a car or transport she does ot have to pay for. That is all funded by the man and his labor. Again you want to make it so women do not have to be faithful nor dutiful to her husband . She should be free to cheat and fuck who ever she wants even bring STI’s home and pass them on to her husband. Hell she should be free to fuck other me get knocked up ad make her husband pay for another mans bastard offspring … Right that is what you want ?


      6. Half the time the legal system does not want to consider the victim’s words. They are either ignored, or excuses formed as to why they should not be taken seriously. By all means, look at the evidence, but don’t summarily ignore the victim, something that still happens far too often.

        You think women don’t do much at home? You clearly have no idea how much they do. My wife is always busy, and works hard, and if she was working (as she has done in the past) and doing the housework, as many women do, that’s all the more admirable, and yet, the pay they receive at their jobs is not the same as that of their male counterparts, something you no doubt have no issue with.

        I have no idea where you get this notion from that I would encourage promiscuity. I can only assume that’s you projecting again.


      7. You say I am in a echo chamber or that my page is one but pal if not for my commenting you would be in a echo chamber because no one challenges your bullshit here other than myself .


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