Tragedies can take many forms, and sadly for the people of Kongsberg, Norway, it took the form of a maniac with a bow and arrow attack on Wednesday the 13th. It’s a heart-breaking situation, and one that’s already being exploited by pro-gun activists to argue that gun control wouldn’t work in the USA, because of other weapons. For example…

A brief ‘conversation’ ensued with the same person…

This event is fresh, and devastating, and already it’s being used by the ignorant to push an agenda, and an agenda that ignores facts and evidence and logic. I wish I was surprised by this, but I’m not.

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  1. Here in Australia, there have been some Americans in the US, who have decided to protest our Australian Government for us. Who are very much on the anti-vax and “open everything” side to begin with. I saw one American say, that our Government dictates us because we don’t have guns. Even a lot of the anti-vax people here, have found it incredibly patronising, lol

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