The Holocaust and its deniers

It seems that as we approach the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, a number of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites are crawling out of the woodwork. On top of my ‘conversations’ with a number of cowardly trolls on Twitter (stemming from the murky world of MGTOWs), the idea that the Holocaust is a fabrication came up. I touched upon this briefly in a post about freedom of speech, and anti-Semitism comes up again in this post.

There are some arguments put forward from the side of the deniers – let’s explore them shall we?

According to a Pew Research article, there were 9.5 million Jews living in Europe in 1939. Estimates vary a little, but the available evidence points to between 5.5 and 6 million Jewish people being murdered in the Holocaust (a horrifying statistic). These two figures are clearly not at odds with each other.

There are apparently zero eye-witness accounts of the liberation of concentration camps – this sits at odds with this article (which be warned, contains some heart-wrenching accounts from British soldiers who liberated Buchenwald). It is a claim which also clashes with this article, from a Russian soldier, liberating the Maidanek camp in Poland in 1944.

The claim about pools and theaters within the camps has long been debunked.

It is very easy to show that six-digit tattoos existed – have a look here.

As for Churchill, who can say why he did not specifically reference the Holocaust in his memoirs? This does not mean the Holocaust didn’t happen. In fact, there is documentation that shows Churchill was both aware of the Holocaust and trying to do whatever he could to mitigate it and stop it.

Moving on to the second tweet, who can say why one specific person did not mention gas chambers in his memoirs? There are accounts from other prisoners of their existence, accounts revealed by a quick Google search.

Krege is discredited, much like many Holocaust deniers. His work was found to be fundamentally flawed, if he even carried out any ‘testing’ at all.

There is a considerable difference in how modern, considerate cremation is carried out, and the vile mass action of the Nazis.

So, thus far, each and every one of the claims made in these tweets can be found to be untrue, through quick and straight-forward searches. I would be intrigued to see what other denial claims are out there, and interested to see how easily they can be dismantled.

4 thoughts on “The Holocaust and its deniers

  1. Sheesh–with the thousands of camps and many imprisonment types (transit camps, work camps, death camps, concentration camps, prisons, etc.) not everyone would’ve had the same experience. If you were in the far east, especially going into Russia, their experience was getting lined up, shot, and buried, not concentration camps.

    No stories of liberation, or the liberators? There are plenty, one of which I wrote a review on called “Inside the vicious heart” by abzug, about American servicemen who liberated the camps. Trauma played a part in why these stories weren’t talked about for a while, but that’s par for the course the whole war. That’s why The Longest Day (the book mostly,but movie, too) was such a big deal–family members of those who served finally got an understanding of what it was like for their servicemen because it seemed okay to finally talk about it.

    The answers are all over the place–they just don’t want to see them, or attack something as “unknown” when maybe it only happened to a handful of people.

    Also, as a bonus–the tattoos on the arms–that really only happened at Auschwitz, and not every Jew went to Auschwitz. Most of the other camps were far smaller–Auschwitz was meant to hold thousands more than other camps did at the time it was built… and with Birkenau in the complex, kill many, too.

    I don’t get how these guys are denying this happened when the GERMANS themselves admit it. Unless they’re a Neo-Nazi or the German equivalent, if a denier went up to a German and said they were sure the Holocaust never happened, I’m sure that German would look at them like they were crazy or just get really pissed off at them.

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  2. I know it’s not on the same level, but around ANZAC Day in Australia, I always watch “Band of Brothers”. No matter how many time I’ve seen it. The episode where they find one of the camps, breaks my heart. Now that series is based on actual soldiers from the “Band of Brothers” Is he saying that those American WW2 soldiers, were lying?

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